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Amazing Fishing @ Ystervarkfontein...Part 2!
Amazing FISHING @ Ystervarkfontein...Part1
Excellent fishing with the youngsters!!!
Bait Presentations for White Steenbras/Pig Nose Grunter
What an AMAZING catch by the JUNIORS!!!
***Galjoen SATISFACTION***
False Bay Producing some good FISH!!!
Fully Loaded Ystervarkfontein!!!
Excitement Overload @ Broken Roads!!!
Magnificent fishing @ STRUISBAAI/AGULHAS!!!
Amazing FISHING grounds of Macassar Beach!!!
Strandfontein/Broken roads on FIRE!!! Moonshine Worm bait-presentation for those BIG galjoen!!!
False Bay produces on South East conditions!!!
False Bay GALJOEN FISHING at its BEST!!!
Taming HUGE False Bay Bronze Whaler Sharks with Ethan
Amazing session freshwater fishing testing out the L.O.K. products!
Serious Kob/Mulloway ACTION on Live-Bait!!!
ALL ABOUT GALJOEN: Legend of the Ocean!!!
Check out this unbelievable LIVE BAIT rig that works well between the reefs!!!
Massive Bronze Whaler Shark & Huge Blacktail in the mix!!!
Kob/Mulloway on maasbanker/horse mackerel is ALWAYS a win win situation!!!
Great "maasbanker/horse mackerel" bait presentation...PERFECT for kob/mulloway!!!
Massive Shark caught off Macassar beach...safely released!!! Good size Kob/Mulloway first cast on!!!
Amazing kob/mulloway catch & cook adventure that WILL make you HUNGRY and in the mood to go FISHING!
MASSIVE SHARK tamed and more DOUBLE TROUBLE with kob/mulloway in-between!
Amazing to FIGHT this SHARK between the reefs! Awesome Bronze Bream action included!
Serious maasbanker and squid bait combination for huge kabeljou/kob/mulloway!!!
The HUNT for the elusive MONSTER GALJOEN!!! Exploring Macs reef with my boys Milo and Simba!
TRY THIS: Squid tentacle bait for Huge Mulloway (Kabeljou)
Warning!!! This video contains loads of FISHING!!!
Fishing session with bloodworm, sand prawn and white mussel combinations
Stunning Sunrise Mission for Galjoen @ Strandfontein Broken Roads
Solid fishing with loads of action and amazing sceneries!!!
Loads of Galjoen action @ Macassar beach!
My Triple-M family
White Stumpnose action at Macassar beach
The ultimate hunt for the elusive GALJOEN!!!
Most underrated bait for Galjoen fishing...
How to pump moonshine worm
Galjoen fishing in EXTREME conditions!!!
Clear skies to stormy @ Broken roads
Bronze Bream smash @ Ystervarkfontein
Galjoen/Seafood feast with the family for fathers day.
Cape Town/Strandfontein/Broken Road = Good Fishing!!!
Family & Friends fishing trip at the Luxurious Hilton Farmhouse on the Rocks, Stilbaai!
Massive Black with my daughters @ Strandfontein Broken Roads
Crazy session at Macassar beach, 14 fish!!!
The SECRET of Galjoen fishing revealed!!!
Galjoen @Broken Road-Strandfontein
Triple-M Fishing Adventure @ Macassar beach session
Hammerhead Shark, Blue Ray and Sandy Action @ Struisbaai
Huge Garrick @Macassar Beach
Hand Feeding MONSTER Black Stingrays @ Struisbaai Harbour
Best Galjoen fight ever: Ystervarkfontein 2nd tour 2021
Fishing Tour: Ystervarkfontein March 2021 Part 2
Fishing Adventure: Ystervarkfontein March 2021 Part 1
Huge Bronze Whaler Shark caught off Macassar beach Cape Town
How to keep/preserve red bait
Huge Bronze Whaler Shark caught off Macassar beach Cape Town
Triple-M Fishing Adventures visiting the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape town!!!!
Shark fishing with MMM Cape Town Fishing Adventures
Shark fishing with MMM Cape Town Fishing Adventures
Kob Fishing False Bay Coast
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